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Sodium Alginate    
Molecular Structure of Sodium Alignate The chemical compound sodium alginate is the sodium salt of alginic acid. Its empirical chemical formula is NaC6H7O6. Its form as a gum, when extracted from the cell walls of brown algae, is used in various industries like Pharma, Foods, Textile, Bakery, Cosmetic, Paper, Ice Cream and Adhesives.

Applications of SODIUM ALGINATE

Ice Cream :
Provides smooth texture and creamy consistency.
Food :
Used in Sauces, Ketchup, Chutney Ready mix Soup, RTS Beverages, Fruit Drink, Syrups & Topping, Pudding, Dessert Gel and many more…
Bakery Icing :
Provides soft gel consistency and a light body with smooth texture.
Sodium Alignate Applications
Pharmaceuticals : As a suspending agent, protective colloid and tablet binding.
Paper : As a filming agent and controls penetrations.
Adhesives : Improves bonding and stabilizes the viscosity.
Textile : As a Plasticizer for a film formation in printing reactive dyes.
Paint :
For Suspending, viscosity controlling agent, high water holding capacity, improves brush ability, improves courage and film forming property.
Ceramic :
Improves the wet strength and plasticity of ceramic bodies, prevents pin holes.
Fertilizers : In insecticidal and herbicidal spray.
Some other applications are in Dental Impression, Ointments, Welding Rod Coating, Latex and many more…
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