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Sizeoll (One Shot)

We are a leading manufacturer of specialty products with vast experience in textile industry.

‘’SIZEOLL’’ can be used partially as per your batch size or batch recipe. It is not necessary to use a complete bag of 25 kgs.

‘’SIZEOLL’’ has been established after hundreds of painstaking R&D experiments with different ingredients in different proportions, to establish formulas which help in achieving properties like highest strength, elongation, abrasion resistance and easy desizing.
‘’SIZEOLL’’ offers best efficiency by reducing warp break to a large extent.
"SIZEOLL" also eases the process of desizing; Better desizing leads to excellent absorbency and this in turn gives color value in dyeing and printing which reduces color consumption.
SIZEOLL is a unique formulation which replaces most known and unknown products available in the market today for the above purposes.
We would be extremely happy to discuss the details of the products "SIZEOLL" which not only gives better sizing but simultaneously reduces the sizing and desizing costs, which is a prime factor now - a - days.

Sizeoll - "The Dream of a Weaver"

It is obvious that every weaver is keen to increase the loom shed efficiency with lowest warp break resulting into better quality fabric and thus increase the production.
Our team of weavers, sizers and technologists after vigorous trials and hundreds of experiments has been successful in establishing a perfect formulation of SIZEOLL suited to your needs.
SIZEOLL has been now standardized and is available at affordable rates to suit every individual in the textile industry.
SIZEOLL is suitable for every construction and quality of the yarn. It offers better working even with disturbed humidities.
The product SIZEOLL gives best results when used along with blended cotton, polyester cotton, spun yarn, etc. SIZEOLL is eco friendly and therefore renders operations during processing that are friendly to the environment. It also gives better color value in dyeing and printing, so that 100% desizing is possible at a very low cost, making SIZEOLL highly efficacious.
Advantages Of Sizeoll
100% eco friendly
High strengthning the yarn
Standard viscosity
Increase in production with better quality fabric
Easy desizing
Better working on any loom
No lump formation
Easy to use
Absence of pcp, urea, formaldehyde.
Minimum inventory
SIZEOLL has very good adhesive, binding and lubricating capacity with following advantages
• Improves loom efficiency.
• Reduces the size droppings considerably.
• Reduces warp breakages as strength of yarn is increased by 25%.
• Decreases % loss in elongation
• Reduces hairiness which improves performance of loom working and also the fabric appearance    resulting in higher realization on grey fabric.
• Reduces weft breakages due to reduced hairiness & smooth surface.
• Since the solid content in the size paste is less, the viscosity will Also be considerably low; resulting    in good penetration in Warp yarn. For finer counts, the coating is more important. The Solid content    in the size paste if maintained at 8-10%, the Viscosity will be higher and coating will be better.
• Overcomes 'size patches' which is generally observed when the speed of the sizing machine is    lowered for any reason.
• Makes desizing very easy. If not if absolutely necessary enzyme desizing can be totally eliminated by    going for scouring.
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