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Size mix is a product that will revolutionize conventional method in the textile sizing industry. “Size Mix” will enhance strength & coating on sizing yarn.

Size Mix will control cost of raw material used in sizing and it is to be used in combination with starch.


Applications of SIZE MIX

Size Mix For PC/PV/COTTON :
Size Mix has received considerable attention in the textile industry because of its ready solubility and excellent film forming characteristics. It has been particularly useful as a warp size for yarns and filaments. Size Mix has replaced PVA & many other binders in many wrap sizing operations due to its marked advantage in weaving efficiency and in reducing stream pollution at the finishing mill. An unique property of making the fabric easy to clean has sparked considerable interest in its utilization as a domestic laundry size. Other textile application include its use as a scaffolding fiber, binder for non-woven fabrics and when insolubilized can be used as a permanent finish.

Size Mix Advantages

Reduces shedding on the loom
Eliminates the need for desizing enzymes
Lowers water and steam consumption
Makes fabric difficult to soil and easy to clean
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