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Carrageenan (E407) Manufacturers & Suppliers

Xanthan Gum Molecular Structure
Carrageenan, when extracted from the appropriate seaweed source, is a yellow-brown to white colored, coarse to fine powder that is odorless and tasteless.

Applications of CARRAGEENAN

Dairy Products : Cheese Products, Chocolate Milk, Cold Process, Chocolate Milk, Pasteurization Process, Icecream & Sherbet, Milk Shakes & Instant Breakfast Powders, Cooked Milk Puddings, Instant Milk Puddings; Whipped Dessert Mix, Frozen Whipped Topping, Concentrated Milk, Liquid Coffee Whiteners.
Bakery Products : Bread, Sweet Dough Products
Water Gels : Dessert Gels, Cold-Water-Soluble Dessert Gels,
Pharmaceutical Formulations : Like Suspensions, emulations, gels, creams, lotions, eye drops, suppositories, tablets and capsules. Also used for sustained - release
Other Uses : Carrageenan has been suggested for a number of additional uses, including incorporation in various fountain products, dressings & relishes, as a coating for frozen products & as a batter mix ingredient. Most such uses represent novel applications for the stabilizer & do not constitute important industrial outlets.
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