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Gum ALGEL SS - 500 (Premium Icecream Stabilizer)

GUM - ALGEL SS 500 is particularly tailor made for ice creams. It is a rich blend of finest natural gums; emulsifier and cellulose derivative used for ice creams and is made from only those natural gums which are allotted in GRAS i.e. Generally Recognized As Safe for any Food products by PFA.
By using GUM - ALGEL SS 500 you won’t have to add any other natural Gum. GUM - ALGEL SS 500, will not only give the ice cream all the properties like slow melting, thickening, stability and binding but it will also enhance the flavour of the ice cream.
Dosage :
The proportion suggested is 0.35%, maximum of the total batch quantity i.e. in 10 liters of batch you will have to add only 35 grams of GUM - ALGEL SS 500. You are advised to add this GUM - ALGEL SS 500 at around 55 – 600 C along with small quantity of sugar.
Advantages :
Gives Smooth body, texture
Improves overall mouth feel
Retards Ice crystal Growth
Provides slow melting property
Adds Viscosity to the mix during unfrozen phase
Extends shelf life during hardening
Enhances flavor
Packing :

Packing available in 25 Kgs High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bags.

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