The Group has set its eyes on the emerging world market for specialty chemicals. We intend to take our products worldwide. The Group has future plans of foraying into many new industries and developing new products as well.

The Group has recently won the approval for its fourth state-of-the-art plant and is in the process of setting up a new and bigger office in the city of Mumbai under its expansion plans.
Amit Group of Companies is also focusing on adding up new Strategic Business Partners all across the world to enhance its representation. Human Resource Training and Development is under its way for the internal team as well as for the Strategic Business Partners. Even the Directors are undergoing Personal Coaching Programs from few highly professional coaches.
The near future will see Amit Group Of Companies emerging as a strong name to reckon with in the field of specialty chemicals manufacturing. Towards that end, the Group is gearing itself in all aspects.
We are excited about ours and the industry’s future. We are certain that great times are ahead and that greatness is awaiting us at the next turn. We welcome you to participate in this great wave and be a part of the new AGC Age!!!