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Cross Carmellose Sodium (CCS)

Molecular Structure of Sodium Starch Glyoclate Croscarmellose sodium occurs as an odorless, white or grayish white powder.



Croscarmellose Sodium is used in oral pharmaceutical formulations as a disintegrant for capsules, tablets, and granules.

In tablet formulations, croscarmellose sodium may be used in both direct-compression and wet-granulation processes. When used in wet granulations, the croscarmellose sodium should be added in both the wet and dry stages of the process (intra- and extragranularly) so that the wicking and swelling ability of the disintegrant is best utilized.

Croscarmellose sodium at concentrations up to 5% w/w may be used as a tablet disintegrant, although normally 2% w/w is used in tablets prepared by direct compression and 3% w/w in tablets prepared by a wet-granulation process.
Oral Pharmaceutical Formulizations : As disintegrant for tablets, capsules & granules
Usage : 2.5% as tablet disintegrant using direct compression or we-granulation process
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