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Xanthan Gum Molecular Structure Introducing, a highly concentrated binder that will revolutionize ceramic tile industry for the first time in India. By adding just 0.05% to 0.1% of ALPOT - 150 there will be tremendous increase in green MOR & dry MOR which will reduce the consumption of high priced plastic clays. By using our product there will be increase in production of premium or A grade quality tiles which help in enhancement of your profits. The other advantage of using our high concentrated ALPOT - 150 is manufacturers can also reduce there kiln cycle which help in increasing the production of tiles.
ALPOT - 150 is a blend of different natural polymers specially formulated for the Ceramic industry, keeping the Gres Porcellanato (Vitrified Tiles) & floor tile in mind. It can be used to overcome the problems of lower green strength of vitrified tile body composition, thereby reducing wastage at green stage. This can effectively result in lowering of cost of production and decreasing of raw material handling.
ALPOT - 150 designed specially to overcome these problems in the vitrified tile manufacturing process. The material can be directly added to the ball mill at the later stages of slip generation, in specified dosage. The material does not affect the rheological properties of the slip to which it is added. The addition of the binder increases the Green strength of the resultant tile to an extent that wastage at Green stage reduces markedly. At the firing stage being a natural organic material it burns out completely and hence does not hamper the technical quality of the resulting tile.

ALPOT - 150 Advantages

ALPOT - 150 is a dry powder – hence easier handling.
ALPOT - 150 can be directly added in the ball milling with initial charge. It can be used in continuous mill along with defloculent material like STPP or any other defloculent
ALPOT - 150 has pH very close to neutral
ALPOT - 150 does not affect viscosity of the slip
ALPOT - 150 is completely water soluble.
ALPOT - 150 reduces green tile wastage significantly.
ALPOT - 150 lowers a cost of production.
ALPOT - 150 increases green dry strength of tile by substantially at 0.05% to 0.1% dosage.

ALPOT - 100 & ALPOT - 75 Suppliers

These formulations are diluted versions of ALPOT - 150.
Alpot 150
Alpot 100
Alpot 75
Redispersible Polymer Powder